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George Imirie's PINK PAGES


Most of you know that one of the strokes that I have suffered paralyzed one of my two vocal cords, which materially diminished my normal loud, resonating speaker's voice. A surgeon who specialized in various throat surgery suggested a procedure that might restore my voice to almost pre-stroke condition; and I had that surgery at the beginning of April. It was NOT successful! In fact, now I have difficulty whispering, surely not giving any speeches as before. After passing out typewritten copies of my 12 page talk to the Illinois State Beekeepers on June 20th, I was so upset, I reverted to my General George Patton's approach and DEMANDED surgery to restore my voice. The Chief Surgeon, Division of Otolaryngology, of George Washington University Hospital has accepted the job and will operate on my voice box on July 15th (I wanted it sooner, but early scheduling is tough); and he guarantees that, although sore, I will be able to talk at EAS, 10 days later. Further, I will be able to YELL at the audience (to gain their attention to see our bees) at the Montgomery County Fair from August 13-21.

By the way, if you would like to read my Illinois talk about Upgrading from beeHAVER to beeKEEPER, look at the Internet:

At least I can still get around on my electric scooter to take the place of trying to walk very well with a partially paralyzed leg, and MY BEES DON'T OBJECT to this "stranger" "motoring up" beside their hive for me to work my colonies.


I HATE THIS! Our dues are $10/year from May through April. I have asked you to add a extra few dollars to cover the costs of the PINK PAGES and the extra postage if you feel that the Pink Pages are of value to you.

I am dumbfounded that some of you have not paid your dues! Maybe you paid me in cash, and being human, I DO MAKE MISTAKES SOMETIMES, and have not recorded it. You must remind me before your membership is dropped. According to my records, if I have put a big RED INK circle on your mailing sticker, your dues have not been paid, and continuing to mail you the Honey Pot + Pink Pages is UNFAIR to those people who have paid on time. Hence, your name will be dropped from the records unless you send ME your dues before our August issue or call me about a mistake in my records. If you have given up beekeeping, we would like to know that too, so leave a message on my voice phone at 301 424-5709. Be kind - don't leave me confused!

George Imirie
Certified EAS Master Beekeeper